Triangles Stacked

stitch in various shades of one color for an ombre effect.

Stacked triangles were inspired by all those adorable triangle quilts that are currently all the rage. I'm making my own right now!

Stitch this design in various shades of one color for an ombre effect, or pick totally different colors for a patchy look.


You will receive 6 designs in this pack:

triangles stacked mixed colors 4x4

triangles stacked ombre colors 4x4

triangles stacked mixed colors 5x7

triangles stacked ombre colors 5x7

triangles stacked mixed colors 6x8

triangles stacked ombre colors 6x8


Design notes: The ombred 6x8 design was used on the blue wallet. Tutorial for the wallet on the blog.

Triangles Stacked ART and EXP
Triangles Stacked DST
Triangles Stacked HUS
Triangles Stacked JEF
Triangles Stacked PES
Triangles Stacked VIP
Triangles Stacked VP3
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