Bubbles in a rippled design

Bubbles are stitched in several different colors, variegated threads, or regular. Perfect for layering and also for rehooping because you don't have to line up anything. Easy!


You will receive 5 designs in this pack:

 bubbles 3x4, 2369 stitches

bubbles 3x5, 3307 stitches

bubbles 3x10, 6277 stitches

bubbles large 4x6, 4130 stitches

bubbles large 4x9, 6005 stitches


Design Note: 

The black cosmetic bag used 'bubbles 3x10'.

The denim zipper pouch used 'bubbles large 4x9' and was cut it half to make each side of the bag.

Bubbles ART and EXP
Bubbles DST
Bubbles HUS
Coming soon for JEF....SOFTWARE DELAY.
Bubbles PES
Bubbles VIP
Bubbles VP3
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