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As an embroidery enthusiast I became discouraged at the total lack of modern designs available for purchase. I wanted simple designs without too many color changes. How hard could it be to find such designs? Nearly impossible. I simply wasn't interested in smiling teacups or kitty cats with 8 colors of gray shading to give me that super realistic look.  So I decided to start digitizing my own modern designs. I hope you like what I offer.

When I'm not sewing I prefer to be cooking. My favorite treat to bake? Lemon Meringue Pie, hence Meringue Designs. I'm also a wife and a mother of three children living in Utah but I still dream of moving back to California. I love alternative rock but appreciate good classical music as well. I play the piano, enjoy running, and dream of Hawaiian vacations.

-Cynthia, owner & designer

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p.s. Interested in buying finished products? Visit our Etsy site for pillows and more!